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The List

(1) Screen print t-shirts
(2) Go rock climbing
(3) Learn how to take really good pictures
(4) Be on "Jeopardy!"
(5) Camp in the Everglades
(6) Visit London
(7) Make a short film
(8) Earn a Master's degree
(9) Write a book in 30 days
(10) Go to New York City
(11) Run the Walt Disney World Marathon
(12) Play the piano
(13) Freestyle rap


^ I'm going to do these things when I get older.

The Author

At age four, Adam wrote the iconic song "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" for a preschool poetry contest. He is a successful orthopedic surgeon and lives in the Finger Lakes with his wife Natalie, son Ernie and dog Dr. Sam Beckett.